Sneak....ers...Where day come from?

Sneak....ers...Where day come from?

Sneakers, tennis shoes, athletic shoes.  These are the common names we use when referring to sneakers, but why and how did they become so popular.  The sneaker was originally called the plimsoll, in the mid to late 1800's.  The approach was similar to a Plimsoll line on a ship's hull.  The concept was similar; if water got above the plimsoll line water would seep in and the wearer would have wet feet.  

These shoes were a great comfort alternative to the leather sole most were used to at the time.  In addition, the rubber sole was so quiet, it allowed someone to "sneak" around in them, hence the origination of the term sneaker.  

Originally these shoes were worn by vacationers and travelers due to their comfort, by the early 1900's the demand for production was booming and they were being mass produced.  That same year, 1917, Converse AllStars were born, after Marquis Converse.  Later they were endorsed by Chuck Taylor and took on the name of "Chuck Taylors." They still remain the best selling basketball shoe ever.  

In 1936, during the Olympics, Converse helped to create world wide attention to the sneaker, at the same time Adolf Dassler created a shoe that was worn by 4 time gold medal runner, Jesse Owen.  This was the creation of Adidas.  

The 40's led to sneakers being worn as a fashion statement not just for a purpose.  Brands that we know today were born out of this including Puma, New Balance and Diadora.  The booming demand for sneakers, now a staple closet item, led to the Birth of Nike and Vans in the 1960's.  Two of the most popular sneaker brands we know today.  

The 80's and 90's led to partnerships and endorsements by star figures like Michale Jordan and Nike which led to Air Jordans.  This allowed companies to market and sell the first sneaker for three figures, $100. As popularity grew so did the price. 

Present day sneakers are worn by everyone and with everything.  They have purpose on athletic fields, in classrooms, in households, in gym classes and in work places.  We find them with joggers and yoga pants, suits and jeans, dresses and skirts.  

Although over the last several years the trend for these types of shoes have blurred lines, here is what you need to know for 2021 Sneaker Trends. 

  • 80's Redux - Nike's, New Balance and Reebok 
  • Classic Canvas Sneakers - these are your Vans, Keds and Converse 
  • White Sneakers - these go with everything and can serve many different looks 
  • Color Block Sneakers - Golden Gooses are our favorite at GinnyMae Vintage 
  • Fashion Sneakers - Like Veja and Gucci 

Don't let these looks sneak up on you.  Check out our Pinterest Board 2021 Sneaker Trends for ways to sport all of our favorite looks. 

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