Leather Skirts and Sneakers

Leather Skirts and Sneakers

Leather skirts traditionally are picked to wear for a girls night out, or when knee length, to that important meeting at the office. As fashion continues to evolve leather and sneakers are one of the hottest combos. It’s kind of like chocolate covered pretzels, the sweet and salty combination, although sounds odd, when put together is no longer questionable.

🤍So how to do it right🤍

First off all, make sure the leather skirt fits appropriately and is structured to fit your body style. If your tall like me, leave the mini to the shorter girls. Also, make sure that the leather is not overly shiny or loud, this can create a different look, one probably not intended. You’ll know it if you get cat called walking down the street🤍. Next pick a pair of tennis shoes that are clean and neutral. GMV prefers white and these @newbalance are our favorites we both own a pair. They are white leather with a structured sole. Lastly, you have your options of tops depending on the look you are going for:

✨ Pair it with a soft white sweater for a more feminine look. The coziness of the sweater will help to soften up the look when paired with the leather for a more feminine style

✨Pair with a patterned Blazer for a more structured look. Make sure your patterns are classic like Glen Check Plaid or Tartan. Stay away from animal prints and/or complicated prints, it creates an I am trying to hard look when paired with the leather. The classic patterns will help to create a sophisticated look but paired with the leather skirt and sneakers will add an element of fun and flair.

✨ You can also choose to go straight for the casual option. Find a neutral color fitted hoodie and a little front tuck and you’ve created an easy on the go outfit that still screams sass and style.

Happy Styling
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