How To Wear A Chambray Shirt

How To Wear A Chambray Shirt

A chambray shirt is one of the most universal pieces you can own and can be worn year round. If it’s not a closet staple it should be.

✨Pair with black jeans and black flats for a classy sophisticated look and layer with a leather camel belt to add a pop of color and polish off the outfit.

✨For a sassier look pair with white jeans and animal 🐆 print booties. PSA: You can where white denim year round regardless of what grandma says. Keep the boots more of a low or block heel adding too high of a heel could drastically change the look from sassy to trashy.

✨Lastly but one of @ginnymaevintagefavorite looks is the simple feminine look. Pair your chambray shirt with classic denim. Make sure your blues coordinate not clash, throw in a pale pink or peach scarf and finish off with a camel bootie. Here you can, if you choose, wear more of a stiletto heel because the pattern is neutral. It’s all about balance.

Hopefully, this helps when staring at that shirt that’s been hanging in your closet since 1997. Although Chambray dates back to the 1500’s. Chambray is the English term for Cambrai. Cambrai is the French town where Chambray originated and was once worn by laborers, hence the name blue collar.

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